SOTO in Schools

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

SOTO in Schools

We are dedicated to the support, education and empowerment of young people. Partnering with schools across all boroughs of London aids us in effectively delivering this support.

SOTO School services range from short to long-term projects, enrichment, PPA, cross-curricular studies, school productions and festivals, dance syllabus as part of Physical Education, pre-primary & primary movement classes, Fitness and Well-being.

All tutors are passionate in their delivery, maximising the most of their expertise allowing students to achieve the best outcomes. Lessons are planned using creativity, dance history in education, youth work, active learning and structured learning criteria to tailor bespoke projects to suit a schools particular needs and objectives. 

From our experience working in many different schools we have seen that the use of Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre helps young people realise their potential, the perceived benefits of which build individual life skills such as:

Team building
Language and communication skills
Cognitive development
Cross lateral development
Motor skills development

Emotional intelligence & awareness of others
Understanding boundaries
Understanding of self and self-worth
relationships with peers and adults
Disability awareness
Inclusive practice

The combination of these skill-sets develop the awareness and understanding that comes with performance art as a discipline.

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"In all my years in primary education, i have never seen a class so engaged, so energised, so free. And in a discipline that usually provokes fear! A charismatic and skilful delivery combined with an empathetic manner guarantee that children not only make progress but do this while having the time of their lives."
Sam Clark
Teacher, Essendine Primary School